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Your website is an online extension of you and your business and is often the first impression people have of you. Would you say first impressions are important?


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Are you a part of that number?

Having a web presence is important. When you hear of a business, the first thing you do is search for them online! Are you ready to be found by people all over the world?


If you already have a site, how do others see it?

A site which looks outdated or isn't mobile optimised can put people off for good, especially in an environment where there are thousands of well-presented competitors for them to choose from. 

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As we've asked above, do you think a first impression is important?

We're hoping you've arrived at the answer that we have; "yes". With 94% of first impressions for your business' website being design related, we think we can agree that a sleek and captivating website is no-longer a plus, but a necessity.

Why choose The Moon Hub? 

From large organisations to small businesses, to personal blogs, we have a lot of variation in our experience and portfolio. However, one thing has remained consistent and that is our level of service. We're friendly, professional and efficient, with the the belief that if you're investing in designing a website, it should be one that lasts you throughout the years without feeling outdated and static. 

Oh, and we're affordable.

A few recent examples of our work, click on the images to view the full sites!


No laborious back and forth. No dragged out timelines. 

Just quick, efficient and professional web-design with friendly customer service.

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