Our RoVR solution provides engaging training.

Corporate training is broken. Unengaging, boring and ineffective.
‘Compliance only’ doesn’t work. Companies invest without seeing any results.
Something needs to be done.

MOONHUB exists to fight bad training. Our platform, RoVR is the best way to train your team.

Our system is innovative, effective and provides quantitative feedback. Our continual assessment makes our scenarios engaging and uncheatable.

Employees feel valued, having their development needs tackled innovatively, not just to tick the boxes of compliance.

We train staff from different industries

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Can this work in my company? Can it be integrated into my current LMS?

Is RoVR easy to implement? Is it simple to use? Will I have continued support?

“Can this work in my company?”

“Can it be integrated into my current LMS?”

“Is RoVR easy to implement?” “Is it simple to use?”

“Will I have continued support?”

The answer to everything is yes.

We work alongside your current Learning Management System and complement what you do best. MOONHUB offers comprehensive technical support throughout the process, ensuring seamless integration and optimum acceleration.

Innovation used to be expensive. External services used to hide fees, they showed no evidence of progress, they were impossible to implement in the real world. MOONHUB isn’t an external service, we’re an extension of your team. Our ‘all in one’ RoVR solution is cost effective, with no hidden fees and transparent, quantifiable results.

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