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MOONHUB is approaching its five year anniversary, and what a journey it has been!

By August 19, 2021No Comments

As MOONHUB approaches its five year anniversary next week, we felt it was necessary to talk about our journey from August 2016 to now. We’ll be posting a video from the founders next week so you can hear a little more as we reflect on the past five years.

With the launch of the MOONHUB Suite, and our bespoke VR training work, we have on-boarded a good number of new clients, had a fair amount of press, and talked a LOT about the benefits of VR… But in doing so, we haven’t spoken a huge amount about who we are and our story.

How did MOONHUB come about?

MOONHUB was created back when the founding team averaged 22/23 years old, with us meeting each other at University or through mutual friends. We soon realised we had both the experience and desire to really make a difference in the world of training, and create content that would genuinely improve knowledge retention rates and improve the training experience as a whole… because let’s be honest, who thoroughly enjoys a classroom-based training experience.

The first two-three years we spent bootstrapping and undergoing market research to see whether organisations were ready to make the move from traditional training to immersive technologies; We set ourselves up with patent-pending technology, and created our first alpha demo system.

Our first pre-seed private investment round came through which enabled us to grow the team, move into a private office at Plexal, and expand our hardware to take on more development opportunities. 

Let’s fast-forward a couple more years, and we are in the middle of a seed-investment round to further grow the team and develop our R&D (research & development); We’re onboarding companies both small and large, and MOONHUB’s journey could not be more exciting.

As always, we’ll keep you up to date with any updates, and we do have a monthly newsletter with podcasts/blogs/stories so just email us to be added to that: 

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