Why VR Training in the workplace is the next step forward


Training is boring.

Nobody feels like this on a training day

Nobody feels like this on a training day

A nice, punchy one-liner that gets straight to the point, but it’s true. Has anybody heard that they have a full day of training and fist-pumped?

If you do, great, you can be the one to lead the revolution. However, if you don’t (and we’re pretty sure you don’t), then you can agree that there is a massive problem with training and how ineffective it is.

We identified this issue in an essential area of work life and as a result, began working on making sure that everyone not only enjoys training, but actively looks forward to it and even enjoys it more than other areas of life.

And then we realised that we were trying to manufacture a miracle, so we went for the next best thing, VRiTT. VRiTT is an acronym for Virtual Reality interactive Training Tool. It focuses on training staff in a variety of industries using immersive, interactive VR video with our patent-pending spot and jot system. Training becomes not only engaging, but practical for its users.

The VRiTT training system focuses on practicality, meaning that it does not use VR for the sake of using VR. It ensures that practicality and ease-of use are some of the core focuses of the system. By allowing people to train for situations they will encounter in their daily work life, but in an efficient, immersive and engaging way, they’ll not only retain what they’ve learnt, but they’ll actively look to better their performance.

VR is fun, but it has left the general public behind. 42 year-old Susan working in your local banking branch may not be too keen on calibrating herself on a full Oculus-Rift set before diving in to training, let alone doing loop-de-loops in this computer generated world you created. We’ve kept it simple, yet sophisticated and practical, and we look forward to bringing this sure-fire disruptive tech in to training, everywhere.

Dami HastrupComment