The importance of having an active lifestyle and the benefit of exercise (featuring @athldfitness)

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We’ve heard it all before, exercise is vital for a healthy lifestyle, but do we really know the benefits?

There are many health risks which come with having a sedentary lifestyle, and being sat down for 8 hours (or more!!) per day is not good for our health. There is a higher risk of DVT (deep vein thrombosis), developing heart problems, increasing mental health issues and increasing the risk of a stroke later in life. So many articles come out with shocking statistics but personally, I think they are right in shocking us to realise how serious lack of exercise can be!!

We have spoken to a personal trainer, Arun (@athldfitness) who has answered a few questions for us:

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How would you recommend office workers to fit in the recommended 150 minutes of exercise per week?

As a personal trainer I have come across many office workers struggling to implement any sort of exercise in to their daily/weekly routine. The reality of this is simple. We say we never have enough time but with organisation and preparation we can always spare 20-30 minutes to assure the upkeep of our own health. 

Just over 20 minutes of exercise a day will keep you within the minimum recommendation of 150 minutes of exercise per week. For example, this can be done through conscious decisions to choose active means of reaching ones destination such as taking the stairs rather than the lift or getting off a stop earlier on the train/bus and walking. Another recommendation would be simply applying yourself and dedicating 20 minutes or more a day to exercise. 

As a Personal trainer it is my job and duty to advocate the value of your health and I believe the latter recommendation is the best way to pursue an active and healthier lifestyle. 

Applying conscious decisions to be active during your daily activities are all well and good. They have their place in your routine, however I recommend that this should be naturally applied to your daily routine already. It’s a good alternative to doing nothing. However, the reality is it won’t be enough. 

Apply yourself to a high intensity circuit which can consist of simple exercises such as squats, jumping jacks, high knees and mountain climbers. With 30 seconds work and 20 seconds rest repeat this for a minimum of 20 minutes. 5 Sets with 1 minute rest in between each set should suffice. 

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What in-office exercises could you recommend that don’t look too weird?

This is a great question since usually many office workers are deterred from doing in office workouts as they do not want to stand out or attract unwanted attention. Therefore in office exercises should consist of movements which are practical and don’t disrupt the regular office environment. 

I would recommend familiar exercises which you can do by your desk. For example, chair squats which would require you to stand and return to  a seated position over a duration of 30 seconds. Other exercises could consist of wall sits, push ups, tricep dips, seated calf raises and a plank. Be creative and subtle and you won’t look too weird.

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Any other tips?!

Health is wealth! How much truth is in this well-known cliché saying? 

Let just say a lot! Our health should always be a priority as without it we have nothing. Treat your bodies like a temple. Fuel it well with nutritious food and keep the old ticker going with daily exercise. 

Fitness is a lifestyle, it doesn’t end after a 20 minutes home/office workout. Make the most of your hard work and make wiser choices in your daily routine to compliment an active lifestyle and you won’t only look better, you’ll feel better and work better.

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