I trialled Soylent for a week, here's how I found it (Written By Dami)

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Hi all, Dami here. It’s not often I’m behind the keyboard to write a Moon Memo, but for the past week I've been undergoing a performance overhaul courtesy of Soylent, a meal replacement drink with roots in Silicon Valley and soon to arrive in the UK. I also received helpful pointers from Grace Marshall, a productivity guru to help streamline and be more efficient and productivity at work. 

Firstly, to start, I like food. Anybody who’s known me for anything over approximately 5 minutes knows this about me. So, when I was initially selected to take part in the performance overhaul and be powered by Soylent, I didn’t quite know what to expect, as it’s just a meal replacement drink.

So to start, the verdict:

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It’s good. I quickly identified that; whilst I like food, I often find myself not in the mood or not having time to eat breakfast and since it's considered the most important meal of the day, I figured this wasn’t exactly a good thing. Being CEO of The Moon Hub it's hard to juggle work/life balance.

Soylent pretty much did what it said on the bottle, it provided me with a quick, on-the-go meal in the form of a cold drink. Unlike other meal replacement drinks I had tried (admittedly, my university days were something else I’ll tell you), Soylent didn’t feel thick, grainy or like someone had poured a bowl of oats in a blender and pressed “pulse” for ten seconds.

Most notable was the coffee flavour of the cafe mocha drink, as it tasted like I was just having an iced coffee, which I enjoy from time to time. My favourite flavour has to be the Cacao - which tastes similar to a chocolate milkshake. Overall, my personal experience is that Soylent seems like a healthy and natural way to grab a breakfast on-the-go .

Should you buy Soylent?

In all honesty, I believe that Soylent could truly be the solution for a lot of people, who, due to time constraints, travel, or not able to cook and need to consume a nutritious meal on the go. I’m not one to usually condone replacing meals with drinks or other supplements, but Soylent’s composition coupled with its variety of flavours provided something that I would happily recommend to help those who need to combat 'food voids' when on the go, at work or need a healthy, filling nutritional meal in a convenient form. 

Here I am enjoying a drink akin to an iced coffee on the way to work

Here I am enjoying a drink akin to an iced coffee on the way to work

At The Moon Hub, we love the idea of game-changers (being a team of them ourselves), and I genuinely believe Soylent could find itself atop the ladder of meal substitutes when it hits shelves in the UK.


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