The importance of organisation!


A business cannot run, and run well for that matter, without organisation. I’m not saying everything has to be in tip top shape as some people work well with a little bit of, shall we call it, organised mess. However, I am probably the most organised person I know and so this blog is here to help you if you need a kick in the right direction.

  1. Lists
    I love lists and cannot live without them. The satisfaction you get when you get to the bottom of a checklist is the best and you can truly relax at the end of the working day knowing you have done everything you needed to do. They also help in categorising and prioritising things you need to do in terms of importance, dates and categories themselves.

  2. Clear workspace
    Your desk should be a calming and tidy environment; if your desk is too cluttered then you’re not allowing yourself to work as productively as you could be. Allow your computer to be positioned away from you at the right distance, have post its and stationary to hand, and maybe have a small plant to offer a bit of natural happiness.

  3. Pinboards
    These are useful to keep all your notes in one place without taking up vital desk space. Buy yourself some pins (or claim them on expenses if allowed) and get pinning your notes and post its on the board.

And there you go, my top 3 organisational tips! As I said before, some people prefer to work in an organised mess which is fine, a tidy desk just helps me :-)


Hannah Sutcliffe