Importance of engagement between employees


Importance of engagement between employees

There’s no denying it; there is a direct correlation between employee engagement and worker satisfaction. It goes without saying that this affects productivity and innovation. On a personal note, I know for certain that I put more into my job if I am happy and feel respected and appreciated by my colleagues and higher management. Engaged employees are more productive, more profitable and safer than less engaged employees. They tend to create stronger customer relationships and stay longer with their company. Engaged employees are likely to be a company’s best source of new ideas as they feel comfortable in suggesting new and innovative ideas, without their ideas being shut down. 

There’s nothing worse for employees than having to work in complete silence and being forced to focus completely on work. Plus, who doesn’t like a little background music to avoid hearing Joe Blogg’s stomach growling just before lunchtime! As important as it is for employees to be working, allowing employees to have fun and work in a more collaborative environment can really help build a positive environment in which people want to work and subsequently, boost productivity.


Now we’re not saying that higher management should let their employees get away with procrastination! However, they shouldn’t come across as people who cannot relate to their employees. It can be very off putting for an employee if their manager is seen as someone who only cares about work, work, work and does not take any time out to get to know them. This lack of interpersonal skill is what can cause employees to leave a job.

Encouraging employees to work together rather than against each other will boost team morale and will encourage the sharing of ideas and initiatives. A little competition is never going to be a bad thing but when team cooperation decreases, then the competition level has gone too far. Always be sure to allow your staff to interact throughout the day and outside of work without having to worry about whether or not they're being judged. Conversations related to business are surely important, but that doesn't mean your staff don’t need a break every once in a while. To be human is human.

Hannah Sutcliffe