Importance of building relationships between employees and management


Calling all managers!

How do you benefit from building relationships with your employees?
Getting to know your employees is the first step towards building a great working relationship. Your associates will respond better to feedback and work harder to meet expectations if they get to know you beforehand. Trust will be established and everyone will enjoy work more which is a win-win.


Is there a company benefit?
Employees who feel connected with the company will provide clients with a better experience, ultimately improving sales and brand recognition. Employee turnover will decrease, which will increase the talent pool of knowledge within the company and you will certainly increase team morale as everyone will know each other.

Managers and leaders should know their people - who they are, not just what they do. Every interaction with an employee has the potential to influence his or her engagement and inspire discretionary effort. Make sure you know everyoneโ€™s name and meet all new employees so you can both put a face to a name. Avoid being the faceless scary boss who everyone fears to talk to - weโ€™re all human at the end of the day!

If employees truly are a company's best asset, then managers should make caring for them a priority. Organisations have a valuable opportunity to transform their employees' work experiences into ones that are fulfilling and motivating, allowing them to bring their best to work every day.

Hannah Sutcliffe