How to best engage with your audience via social media!

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How to best engage with your audience via social media!

Okay, so the term social media is actually quite broad in today’s world as it covers so many different forms of media which all have fairly different formats and uses. Primarily, from a business point of view, social media is a way in which a company can communicate with their audience in a more informal and chatty way especially through the means of Twitter. Then you have Facebook, the ever-popular Instagram, Snapchat and even sites such as LinkedIn, Youtube and Pinterest are rapidly becoming channels of communication.


On a business level, LinkedIn is important as it is the ‘Facebook but for business’ whereby you can post job updates, boast about your skills and competencies and more importantly, network with others within your industry and beyond. LinkedIn, fortunately, remains a business-like site and is not the place to send messages (other than on a business level) but to communicate as you would in a meeting whilst getting your name and/or brand out there.

Then we have the more fun and creative social media platforms of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Here you still need to be posting on a professional level but your choice of wording is less formal than it would be on LinkedIn. Check out Moon’s social media sites and you will understand!

  • Pick interesting topics/photos/links to post about (they don’t have to be purely work related!)

  • Involve yourself in discussions and engage with your audience by replying to their messages (this is invaluable as you prove yourself to be a person rather than just a corporate entity). Build relationships with your audience.

  • Post fairly regularly but not too often/little as you don’t want to bore your audience nor lose them!

  • Remember you don’t have to post purely about work! The occasional ‘Thank God it’s Friday’ meme won’t go amiss ;-)

  • Make sure you actually like and comment on other user’s posts to further widen your audience and show people that communication is a 2-way thing, remember it takes two to tango!

  • Think before you post! As soon as you hit ‘enter’ your post is out there for the world to see, don’t make a mistake that you or your company live to regret. Check for typos and don’t post anything too controversial unless you want to cause an uproar!

  • If you’re using Youtube to vlog then make sure you speak in a clear and concise manner so that everyone can understand you!

  • Hashtag, hashtag, hashtag. Social media is quite literally all about the hashtags. Get the right ones and watch your likes/comments and retweets/shares increase before your very eyes! #doitright

    My list could go on and on and on but as I said in my last post, no one wants to read an essay! Keep your posts lighthearted and professional at all times, and watch your followers grow. Should you wish to use our marketing services then please don’t hesitate to contact us via our website and we will be in touch to discuss your needs.



Hannah Sutcliffe