Top 3 physical marketing materials to engage public interest


Top 3 marketing materials to engage public interest

All businesses know they need to get their name out there in the business world to engage and attract public interest in their product, concept or general idea. This form of self-promotion can actually be achieved in one easy step... marketing materials. Now, I’m not talking about those ballpoint pens companies give out at public events, or even those nice little three point multi-coloured highlighter pens which you take and then immediately forget about, I’m talking about good old-fashioned leaflets, banners and presentation folders. Things which will literally put your brand name right in front of the eyes of future consumers taking them through the journey from window shopping to purchasing. If you design a cracking advertisement, people will remember you and what you stand for which is invaluable marketing.

1. Let’s discuss leaflets first. First and foremost, know your market. If you want to promote a business such as childcare then aim for your leaflets to target children centres, libraries, gyms with swimming pools and children’s activities, local schools, summer fairs and so on. Next, make the leaflet bright, colourful with your brand name in large writing and don’t make it too text heavy. Get your facts and figures right; people want simple information that is easy to read and definitely not boring. Now for the finer details, choose a good paper weight (measured in gsm) of roughly 130-150gsm, decide if you want the paper to have a matt or gloss finish, how many you want (bear in mind, the more you order, the more cost effective it will be) and you’re good to go!

2. Now, for banners. These cannot be jam-packed with text as you want to catch the attention primarily of people walking or driving by who do not have time to stop and read what is written on a huge outdoor banner. Obviously, banners can be placed inside a building but the best marketing banners are ones which are outside to attract attention from everybody. Having recently designed and ordered outdoor vinyl banners for a childcare company to use on their open day, we know the right amount of text to put on such a huge marketing tool. Make sure your banner has eyelets so that you have protected holes already in it to tie up to railings and ensure your banner will be made from a strong, ripstop, durable and weatherproof material alongside hosting excellent printing quality.

3. Lastly, presentation folders. So, you’ve grabbed the attention of a passerby leaving them wanting more information and detail regarding what your business does. They head into your office/reception and ask for an information pack (or similar) with all the fine print and so on. To give a finishing professional touch and great lasting impression, you should invest in presentation folders which hold your papers and information packs inside making sure they don’t get ruined or thrown away. You can choose for them to have a business card slot and also the paper capacity which you would like: 0mm (holds up to 10 sheets of paper), 5mm (holds up to 25 sheets) and 10mm (holds up to 50 sheets) in addition to a matt or gloss lamination finish.

And there you have it, The Moon Hub’s top 3 marketing material to engage and retain public interest. Should you wish to use our services for design and production, please don’t hesitate to contact us via our website and we will be in touch to deliver our premium service, whatever your needs may be.

Hannah Sutcliffe