Tackling low morale


Tackling low morale!

Let’s be honest, employers need to guarantee that their employee satisfaction is of the utmost importance, because without your staff, you’re looking to be running a one-man (or woman) show. If you don’t appreciate your employees, we can pretty much guarantee you they will not be sat at home around the dinner table bigging up your name and business. Through research alone, studies have demonstrated that a key employee’s leaving can cost between 70% and 200% of the individual’s compensation costs, which quite frankly is too much of a loss to your company! So what can be done to ensure you increase morale and show those who work for you that they are respected and that their work is appreciated. Below are a few of the best approaches to tackling low morale and getting those smiles thriving.


 1) Positive mental attitude: Let go of those who intimidate, condescend, belittle people in front of others, give only negative feedback, refuse to accept blame or accountability, and use fear as a motivator. In all honesty, this kind of attitude is unwelcome and unnecessary. Weeding out this behaviour throughout the business can have an even greater impact on employee morale than raises or promotions. This is a no-brainer, save yourself some money and focus on the happiness of your staff instead! A glass half full mentality often sounds cliché, but honestly, the moment you begin focusing on the potential positives on a situation is the moment you begin to think of potential solutions.

 2) Promotions: As a business owner or a team leader, this one is important, as it is one of the key indicators of appreciation of work. 40% of millennials expect promotions every one to two years. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but a student debt of roughly £35k means they need the money now more than ever! To maintain employee morale among a new generation of employees, you need to emphasise the viability of your promotional tracks. Be clear about opportunities to grow both financially and also on the career ladder. This will lead to less confusion down the line and both employee and employer will be satisfied.

3) Personable: Individuals experience higher morale when employers appreciate them as people first and employees second. Treat your staff how you would treat a friend. Okay, maybe not too friendly but the foundation remains the same, just be nice.   

 4) Gifts: This kind of comes hand in hand with number 2’s promotions. Studies have found that giving unexpected financial gifts to employees leads to higher productivity, which to be honest is not a huge surprise! Imagine the positive impact you would have giving a big bonus to a single mother supporting a family or a young professional paying off student loans. Another option to motivate your team and drive employee loyalty is through weekly/monthly/quarterly gifts (I can already sense the applause in your office!) using the following company for their work perk boxes. Check these guys out and thank Moon later.  https://www.perkbox.com/uk/


 5) Group interaction: Reinvent team-building exercises. The best team-building exercises will remove any business hierarchy and allow everyone to work and interact together thus enhancing knowledge across all platforms. Win-win! Encourage employees to lead voluntary workshops or exercises in an area they are knowledgeable about (a top-notch baker could teach people how to bake a new recipe). These can be organised during lunch hours or after-work sessions to avoid that awful rush hour traffic. The options are endless!

 And there you have it, The Moon Hub’s say on how to tackle morale in the workplace and increase levels of happiness. Should you wish to use our HR services then please don’t hesitate to contact us via our website www.themoonhub.com and we will be in touch to discuss your needs.

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