VRiTT Filming day 2.0

Okay, so somebody (whose name may or may not rhyme with Danny Lastrup) apparently didn't think that our first VRiTT filming day was a big enough milestone to update the journal about. Either that or he just forgot.

He definitely forgot.

So here is a journal entry detailing the events of the SECOND filming day for VRiTT. This filming day was for VRiTT's official demo!

The team arrived bright and early to the studio in South London to shoot the videos for our latest piece of tech. Our star girl Georgeena returned to the spotlight after her stellar performance in our first round of filming.



The Team was enjoying every minute of it, watching as the vision was coming alive and putting heads together to brainstorm even more ideas like a never-ending think-tank! As you know, the VRiTT system has endless possibilities with regards to its applications, so what better way to come up with even better ideas than when looking over footage whilst having a brainstorm?



The VRiTT system is something everybody here at The Moon Hub is immensely proud of. As we take on the new year, we can't wait to unleash it on the world and change the nature of training consultancy in a big way!

Below are a few more photos from the day:


And here's a short video of the shoot day! With some bloopers of an intro-video, courtesy of the aforementioned "Danny Lastrup"

Hannah Sutcliffe