First entry!


Welcome to the first journal entry for Moon where we will be updating you (as much as we can) on what we are up to and where we are in the world. This week we are in Abuja, Nigeria!

Our CEO Dami, and senior business consultant Vinh, flew out from London Heathrow last week to make a head start on some important meetings which you will soon be able to have a sneak preview of.

Obviously, they also managed to have a bit of downtime relaxing, seeing the sights, enjoying the local food and appreciating the Nigerian culture in the wonderfully hot sub-Saharan temperatures- not that I am jealous one bit being stuck in our office!

Many projects are in the pipeline which is exciting for the team here at Moon and we are definitely being kept on our toes with work to do! Make sure you keep an eye on all our social media platforms: @themoonhub (Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook) as you will also gain an insight into many different cultures and lifestyles as we are regularly posting updates and stories.

Dami Hastrup