People are 70% more likely to purchase items if they are guided to fitting rooms. RoVR trains employees to see when customers are ready to try things on, and find the right moment to offer help.

People are 90% more likely to engage if approached. RoVR scenarios helps employees identify social cues and judge when a customer needs help.

People are 30% more likely to exchange over refund if approached before tills. RoVR will help train employees identify and engage customers who are looking for a refund.

Enter RoVR

Retail training has always been carried out on the shop floor. This is where mistakes are made and this can be costly to the business. No one is happy.

Quality is the first thing to suffer. No one has the time. RoVR for retail takes first place in the training race.

We provide engaging and interactive training scenarios to help you gain and retain talent

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