40% of employees leave in the first year if they get bad training. RoVR offers high-quality engaging training which covers a multitude of training scenarios within the hospitality sector.

87% of millennials say training and development is crucial to their jobs. RoVR keeps training exciting and interesting with immediate score feedback to keep staff on their toes. Training is essential for the next generation. They’re crying out for it. Training in VR is the next step forward.

Companies that offer online training generate 26% more revenue per employee. RoVR provides more in-depth support. This kind of programme is proven to generate more revenue as staff learn to give more attention, and service to their customers.

In the hospitality industry, customer service skills must be impeccable. Mess up here and you could lose a customer for life. We don’t think management would be happy with that. RoVR is the answer to this problem.

We provide engaging and interactive training scenarios to help you gain and retain talent

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