Diagnostic errors contribute to approximately 10% of patient deaths, and 17% of all hospital mistakes.

Medical staff need to be exceptionally well trained. Most of that training, both as a student and professional will most likely be carried out e-learning. Is this truly engaging?

We didn’t think so.

Enter RoVR

RoVR changes the dynamic by immersing medical staff into a range of virtual reality scenarios, so that when they happen in the real world, they are not only prepared, but ready. Knowledge comes from a book.

Practice comes with RoVR.

You’ll find your medical staff becoming more confident, more engaged in their training and ultimately, even more knowledgeable. RoVR knows healthcare. It understands it. It knows how important it is to get things right.

RoVR is a safe place where mistakes can be made and learned from, without risking peoples lives.

Training can be dangerous, and always takes too much time. Time which medical professionals don’t have.

Immerse yourself in RoVR and complete our scenarios. Refresh your knowledge, gain practice, learn something new. Be prepared.

Are you and your staff ready? RoVR is.

We provide engaging and interactive training scenarios to help you gain and retain talent

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