A faulty wire, a loose barrier, a missing sign. These accidents can cause injuries and cost the companies responsible millions in damages. RoVR trains staff to pre-empt and prevent these dangers.

We tailor RoVR for each industry and offer bespoke services for companies. RoVR ensures your staff are aware on how to deal with all kinds of health and safety-related situations, making your staff hyper aware and hyper prepared.

RoVR really encourages your staff to look around them, search the room as if it was real and find those dangers. Not everything is clear to see. People need practice to develop instincts. We create this practice where it’s safe, that’s why our reality training is virtual.

Health and safety training used to be boring, that’s a fact. RoVR turns that on its head, and manages to capture a buzz. Our training rooms are a hub of excitement into the training room.

Not only are we more effective than other training methods. People actually want to use us. That’s one of the things that makes us different.

Another thing, is the easy access upper management have to your results and so they can see how quickly you can pick up on these dangers.

This training is hardworking. It’s hyper-aware. Its RoVR.

We provide engaging and interactive training scenarios to help you gain and retain talent

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